How Is Capital Asset Management Different

Today managing a financial portfolio has become more complex and difficult. There is an ever increasing number of investment products available to individual investors along with a continual stream of contradictory opinion from the financial media. When you add increased volatility and a global economy, there are many challenges investors face today.

At Capital Asset Management we offers clients a unique difference.

The confidence and the peace of mind from having a knowledgeable advisor who knows your goals knows the financial markets and is working for you.

We Work Only for our Clients

– We work only in the interest of our clients.
– We are an Independent firm and our only allegiance is to our clients.
– We are not owned by a any financial entity such as a brokerage firm.

We Are Experienced

– Our firm and associates represent over 50 years in the investment industry.
– We are a CFP certified financial planning firm.
– We are experienced portfolio managers as well as Insurance specialists and Human Resource professionals.
– We are experienced in mortgage financing, retirement planning, and estate planning.
– We are knowledgeable about the financial markets and monitor them each day.

We are Fiduciaries

Clients should be aware of the difference between brokerage and advisory relationships. Brokers work with clients to execute security transactions on their behalf. Brokers are not required to notify clients regarding the capacity in which the broker is acting. This capacity can affect the profit of the broker. A significant factor is that they do not act as Fiduciaries.

As an Investment Advisor Representative – and a CFP, we are charged with an elevated duty of care, prudence, and diligence. We always put the interests of clients first.

We are Service Directed

– Our goal is to handle all your financial concerns and to give you the confidence of knowing there is a team of professionals working for you.
– We are available to help you when you need some help.
– We always offer complementary consultation.

If you are in need of any of our services or would like to discuss your personal financial concerns and goals, please give us a call.

Privacy Policy

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