Retirement Services

By far the number one goal for investing is retirement. With increased longevity and the unstable outlook for govermnet retirement funding, more than ever clients have to consider how to fund their retirement.

One of the pressing questions most people will face is Will I Have Enough Money For Retirement? When you consider that at age 65, the average life expectancy is between 15 and 20 years. You need investments that can give you income and grow to keep up with inflation.

Retirement Services

The life expectancies that you usually read about are life expectancies at birth. The current U.S. life expectancy is 77.5 years. This number takes the current rates of mortality at each age and figures out where the average is. Deaths at young ages impact life expectancy averages much more than older deaths. If a person dies at 18, that is 59.5 years lost. A person dying at age 70 only loses 7.5 years. Young deaths impact life expectancy at birth statistics. If you can reduce your risk to some of the most common causes of death of young people, such as car accidents, you can significantly beat this number.

Life Expectancy at 65:
As people age, their life expectancy actually increases. Each year you live means that you have survived all sorts of potential causes of death. If you were born in 1942, your life expectancy at birth was about 68 years. But the good news is that you didn’t die of infectious diseases when young, car accidents, or anything else. The average 65-year-old today can expect to live another 18.4 years. So your life expectancy now is not the same as it was at your birth. It is 5.9 years longer than the current life expectancy figure (which is for people born in 2006) or 83.4 years.

Life Expectancy at 75:
The news just keeps getting better — if you make it to 75 your life expectancy increases to 86.8. You gain another 3.4 years. That means the average 75-year-old will live 9.3 years longer than the average child born in 2006. Sound like funny math? It’s not, it is one of those weird things that statistics does. So don’t be discouraged when you outlive the current average life expectancy at birth

At Capital Asset Management, we help you find the ideal retirement plans for you and structure your investments so you can retire comfortably.

We set up and help manage these plans.

* Rollover IRA
* Simple Plan
* Roth Conversion
* 401 K
* Individual 401k
* Company Pension Plans

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